Creative Production


In A Nutshell

"Yeah, I can figure that out"

I have the head of a producer and the heart of a creative. I make videos. I write. I edit. I animate. I shoot photos.


Video + Photo + Animation + Audio in Adobe Creative Suite / Camera Operator / Live Audio / Production Planning + Management / Expert in MS Office / Expert in G Suite


BS Biochemistry
Cum Laude
North Carolina State University


Freelance 2014-Present

Creating pharma sales training animations to music videos

Some Things I Created

  • Beauty vlog series for global skincare brand Innisfree USA

  • Explainer “Saeujeot” for food blog

  • Explainer “Gimjang” for food blog

  • Recipe video “Hobak Pyeonsu” for food blog

  • Cooking video “Strawberry Rhubarb Pie” for food blog Young & Always Hungry

  • Music video “If It Burns Out Bright” for Ocean Carolina

  • Fundraiser call to action for record label SevenDream Music

Some Things I’ve Edited

  • Pilot teaser for Project Pitch-In

  • Testimonials for Project Pitch-In

  • Corporate consumer research video for SelectNY

  • Cancer diagnosis education videos for Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

  • Music video “Luv Me Blue” for Luv Dot Gov

  • Music video “Another Day” for solo artist Matt Southerland

  • And all the above things I created

Some Things I’ve Animated

  • Instagram show promos for Luv Dot Gov

  • Series of internal training videos for Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

  • Corporate sizzle reel for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

  • Corporate explainer for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

  • Series of internal explainers for Allergan Pharmaceuticals

  • Series of role-playing training videos for Allergan Pharmaceuticals

Some Things I’ve Written

  • Music video “Luv Me Blue” for Luv Dot Gov

  • Fundraiser promo for record label SevenDream Music

  • Explainers for food blog

  • Recipe video for food blog

  • Various humor articles for Weekly Gravy

  • Sketches for Flasky Sketch Comedy

Flywheel Partners 2008-2014

Helped bring a company from employee #5 to the 50+ it is now

Media Producer/Writer (’13-’14)

  • On the Creative Director track – took projects from pitch to delivery

Technical Director (‘10-’12)

  • Helmed the newly-formed Production Team to oversee + develop interactive/e-media/video projects

Content Development (‘08-’10)

  • Got my chops in corporate communications and training

Proudest Achievements

  • ACD for retail display intended for use in 300+ audiologist offices

  • ACD for end-user packaging of an insulin pump

  • ACD for series of viral videos for the insulin-pump-wearer community

  • Wrote + produced a POA intro video combining 100+ user-submitted videos into a killer narrative

  • Developed an interactive liver lesion e-library

  • Wrote + produced Off-The-Shelf eModules for licensing to other companies

  • Produced so, so many internal pharma rep sales training eModules